Hawaii Okinawan Craft Fair

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During Thanksgiving weekend, we finally did our first show in Hawaii! It's an idea that's been thrown around for the last few years, even when my mom was still running the business. We had heard from so many people about how good the shows in Hawaii are and how we should find time to go. I finally made it happen this year.

I brought three other people with me and had a total of 10 luggages packed with merchandise. That still wasn't enough. We sold out of a lot of things on the first day. Check out the pictures below to see how the tables went from fully stocked to barely stocked. This show was more than I had imagined. Thank you to all the locals who shopped with us and to all the people who helped with the show. I definitely plan to do it again next year. Hopefully this time around I'll be more prepared with more merchandise.


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