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Website Update

Website Update

Website Update

Today is June 24, 2024. There are a number of things that I've wanted to update for a while and finally got around to doing. Continue below for an outline on the recent changes.

Online Shop

This was the priority to get finished before the fall season of shows and festivals. The site has mostly been the same since I took over Hello Sushi for my mom back in 2016. It was definitely time for an upgrade. As of today, I'm mostly finished. There are some things that I'll continue tweaking as time goes along, but the main part is done.

Appearance – If you've visited the site recently, you've seen that it's been down for maintenance. There was a lot I wanted to change with the design and layout. With an increasing number of designs and items, I wanted to make it easier to browse and find what you're looking for. Hopefully the new navigation menus and categories will help you do just that.

Backend – After 8 years, there have been a number of items and designs that have come and gone. I felt it was time to clean things up on the backend to help keep me organized moving forward. 

Logo & Colors

Something I've talked about more this year was the desire to do some rebranding. While doing the website, I also wanted to take the time to update the logo and colors for the brand. You'll be seeing the signature "Happy Sushi" logo a lot more. The purple is also special to me as it's a tribute to my mom. She is the one who started Hello Sushi and is the artist behind all of the original designs.

Blog Updates

If you're reading this, you probably noticed that my last blog post was from 2020 when COVID-19 shutdowns were ramping up. It's been a long time, but I'm going to do my best to post here regularly.